Killingly Tax Sales and Tax Lien Assignments

June 28th 2018 Tax Sales

A Tax Sale is scheduled for  June 28th, 2018 at 10 A.M. in the Town Hall Meeting Room  (second floor)  172 Main Street Killingly CT.     Complete list of properties listed below.    Last updated 5/17/2018.

Public information on the tax sale properties and procedures can be obtained at            

List #Record OwnerDistProperty LocDescription
3400Anna Alexia LLC1347 Putnam Pikevacant land 13.8 acres
2152Blair  Deborah L133 R & R Parkmobile home
0042Bowen Donald L , Est of Vivian, GRN LLC2300 Valley Rd vacant land .83 acres
5111Brennan Wendy     PAID7255 Ledge RDsingle family 8.2 acres
1077Cloutier Mark D 2980 Upper Maple St land/ garage /barn 3.2 acres
1078Cloutier Mark D 2976 Upper Maple St Single family .36 acres
1230Corbin Clinton E II & Bouthillier Barbara1235 Ballouville RDtwo family .29 acre
5722Crisanti Thomas J & George Patrick7726 Providence Pike Vacant land residential 11.9 acres 
1607Doherty Shirley A Estate of 829 Winter STsingle family .17 acre
1926Flerra Cathy A         PAID1148 Ballouville RDsingle family .79 acre
1993Freitas Angela & Pestana Alber1109 Furnance STtwo family .33 acre
4101Gallup Michelle A818 Potter STmultiple houses one lot .11
4597Joubert Brenda        PAID21585 Upper Maple STsingle family .15 acre
7589Kidd Florence1232 Putnam PikeResidential Land w/ garage & barn 1.86 acres
3071Langlois Jeanne or estate of146 Pleasant View DRsingle family .4590 acre
3983Leon Adolfo & Lori Ann 286 Judd AVsingle family .39 acres
2332Marjem Recovery LLC 1244 Ballouville RDManufacturing Facilities 17 acres
3534Olsen David 216 Conrad ParkMobile Home
5170Terwilleger George E. Dorothy F and Donna M                     PAID7150 Terwilleger RDsingle family 3.2 acres
7276West Coast Fund LLC722 Red Oak DRvacant land 1.84 acres
3006Whalen Nicole M              PAID829 Lhomme STsingle family  .62 acres
5285Wood Susan M & Alvin 5128 Reynolds STsingle family  .59 acres