Recycling Center and Transfer Station Permit Information and Regulations



You may obtain a Recycling Center and Transfer Station permit by mail or at the Revenue Collector's office at Town Hall. To obtain a permit by mail submit an application, copy of your registration, and a check made payable to the Town of Killingly to: Revenue Collector Town of Killingly 172 Main Street, Killingly CT 06239. You may print out an application form by clicking here.

You may renew your Recycling Center and Transfer Station permit online, in the Revenue Collector's office, or by mail. If you pay by mail please include your permit number in the memo section of your check.

Town of Killingly Recycling Center Residential Permit Regulations

In order to obtain a residential permit, applicants must comply with the following:

  1. Town of Killingly Residents Only - Residential Permits are only issued to individuals who own, rent, or lease a house, apartment unit, or condominium unit in the Town of Killingly. The applicant must reside in the unit. Multi-family property owners and individuals who own vacant land are not eligible for a residential permit, but may apply for a commercial permit.
  2. Vehicle Registered in the Town of Killingly - The vehicle that the sticker is placed upon must be registered in the Town of Killingly. The vehicle registration must show a “069” Tax Town Code. Applicants who have a legitimate and valid reason, as determined by the Town Manager, for not registering their vehicle in the Town of Killingly may be issued a permit. Legitimate and valid reasons may include residents utilizing a company vehicle for personal use and seasonal residents who own a home.
  3. Delinquent Taxes and Other Financial Obligations - No type of permit will be issued to any applicant who has an outstanding delinquent financial obligation due to the Town. If a current permit holder becomes delinquent on a financial obligation during the year, the permit may be revoked. This includes personal and real property taxes, sewer fees, and other charges.
  4. Vehicle Capacity Limits - Permits will only be issued for vehicles that have a capacity of one ton or less (generally full-size pickup truck or smaller). Any vehicle with a capacity of greater than one ton may be eligible for a commercial permit.
  5. Two Permits Per Household - Each household is limited to two permits. A second permit may be issued, but only at the full residential permit fee.
  6. Borrowed Vehicles / Temporary Permits - A resident who wishes to use a vehicle not registered in their name must obtain a temporary permit for a period not to exceed thirty days. Temporary permit holders must accompany the material to the Landfill. There is no additional charge for a temporary permit for current residential permit holders. Residents who do not have a regular permit will be charged the same fee as for an annual residential permit.
  7. Non-Transferable - Residential Stickers are not transferable to another user.
  8. Replacement Permits - A replacement permit will only be issued at no charge if the original permit is returned. If the original sticker is not available, a new sticker will have to be purchased.
  9. Discounted Senior Permits - A valid driver’s license indicating that the applicant has attained the age of 65 years by the date of application is required to receive the discounted senior rate. The vehicle and the driver’s license must contain the exact name.
  10. Permits Issued on or after January 1st - Any permit issued on or after January 1st will be prorated at a cost of $40.00 ($20.00 for seniors).
  11. Code of Ordinances/Town Manager Discretion - All users are subject to the Killingly Code of Ordinances (Chapter 8). The Town Manager has the discretion to waive certain regulations for special circumstances.