Delinquent Taxes

The Revenue Collector’s office has a very aggressive delinquent tax program. The staff is trained and willing to work with you. In Killingly we conduct our own real estate auctions in accordance with Section 12-157. In addition, local ordinance prohibits the issuance of building or landfill permits on properties with delinquent taxes.

For those who choose not to work with the Revenue Collector’s office, your account will be forwarded to the State Marshal or appointed Attorney for collection. The alias tax warrant grants authority to a State Marshal who has the power to seize assets, seize bank accounts, garnish wages, assign rents, or conduct an auction. If your account has been granted to the State Marshal for collection please contact Connecticut State Marshal Richard Smith directly at (860) 456-3023 or fax inquiries to (860) 450-0455.

To secure the Town's interest, liens are filed on all properties with a delinquency. A lien is an encumbrance on property. Liens technically come into being on October 1st, as an “inchoate” lien existing as of the assessment date. The lien may be continued by filing a continuing certificate on the land records. These liens remain valid for fifteen years unless released prior to. Effective July 1, 1999, the State of Connecticut passed Public Act 99-283 allowing personal property liens status over all other liens. Connecticut State Law also allows for the withholding and/or revocation of various health permits if municipal taxes are delinquent more than one year. 12-146b allows the withholding of municipal payments for failure to pay property taxes.

If you would like to look up your balance before contacting our office to set up a payment plan, you may do so by clicking here.