Assessment Appeals Information

Appeals of valuations set by the Assessor may be made to the Board of Assessment Appeals, which is a three-member body elected to four year terms which are staggered.

The Board meets in March each year to hear appeals on the prior October 1st (assessment date) grand list* which is filed by the Assessor each January 31st following the assessment date. The Board also meets in September each year to hear appeals on motor vehicles from the prior October 1st (assessment date) grand list. This meeting hears appeals for motor vehicles only for which tax bills have recently been issued.

To appeal an assessment at the March hearings, file a written request to appeal in the Assessor’s office no later than February 20th prior to the March hearings. 

For the September motor vehicle hearings, an appeal application may be made prior to the September meeting for a scheduled appointment or brought to the meeting and the Board will hear the appeal when they are available.

For the convenience of the appellant, Request to Appeal forms are available in the Assessor's Office and below.

All Board appeals are informal. Taxpayers are given approximately 10 to 15 minutes to present evidence to support their claim that their property is overvalued. The entire Board may hear an appeal, or an individual member of the Board may hear the appeal to present the facts to the entire Board for deliberation at a different time. Appellants are notified of the Board's decision within one week of the final decision.

The application to appeal an assessment must contain certain information and items. The minimum requirements are:

  • Property owner’s name.
  • Name and position of the person signing the appeal application.
  • If a motor vehicle, Year – Make – Model of the motor vehicle, or location of real estate or description of personal property.
  • Name and address of the person to whom correspondence is to be sent.
  • Reason for the appeal.
  • Appellant’s estimate of value.
  • Signature of the property owner or duly authorized agent (attach authorization).
  • Date on which the appeal application is signed.

Application to Appeal October 1, 2019 Grand List Form