Pistol Permits

For your convenience, pistol permit applications and instructions may be picked up at the Town Hall in the Town Clerk's Office (1st floor) or in the Town Manager's Office (2nd floor). 

More information on gun and ammunition permits may be obtained by visiting the official CT state website.

Current Fees for Pistol Permit Process

  • CT Criminal History Background Check (CT Fingerprint Card): $75.00
  • FBI Criminal History Background Check (FBI Fingerprint Card): $13.25 
  • 60-Day Temporary Pistol Permit (Local Level): $70.00
  • State Permit to Carry Pistol or Revolvers (New & Renewal): $70.00

Instructions for Obtaining a Pistol Permit:

  1. Applicant must be a citizen of the United States and at least 21 years of age.
  2. Must have proof of residency in the Town of Killingly. Verification may be in the form of a driver’s license, utility bill, mortgage document, lease or rental agreement, or a postmarked letter if the resident address is the same as the mailing address. A PO Box is not acceptable.
  3. Fingerprints can be obtained at the State Police Barracks, 55 Westcott Rd., Danielson, near the Killingly Public Library. Fingerprinting is done at 12 midnight, 8:00am, and 4:00pm, seven days a week. Fingerprinting may be subject to a $15.00 fee (check or money order only). If you should have any additional questions you may reach out to the Troop at (860) 779-4900. 
  4. Application must be filled out and notarized by a Notary Public (can be notarized in the Finance,Town Clerk's and Town Manager's office). Click here to view or print the Pistol Permit Application.
  5. A copy of a certificate completing a course for a handgun permit. This certificate must say “NRA BASIC PISTOL COURSE.”  We cannot accept the course for “NRA HOME FIREARM SAFETY COURSE.”
  6. A copy of your Birth Certificate or Driver’s License. (A copy can be made for you.)
  7. A bank certified check or money order made payable to the “Treasurer - State of CT” in the amount of $13.25  and one made payable to the  “Treasurer - State of CT” in the amount of $75.00 for the CT criminal history background check, is needed up front to send along with your fingerprint cards. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to do a record check on your fingerprints.
    When your background check comes back, a Temporary State Permit may be issued, valid for 60 days. The payment for this permit is $70.00 (not due until you pick up your temporary permit). This payment can be made in the form of a check, money order, or cash. Please make your check or money order payable to the Town of Killingly.
  8. Once a Temporary State Permit has been issued, applicant must apply within 60 days for a permanent state permit. The fee for this permit is another $70.00, in the form of a check or money order. Visit the Department of Public Safety’s Website for more information by clicking here.
  9. If the Temporary State Permit expires before the Permanent State Permit is applied for, applicant will have to reapply for another Temporary State Permit.