Judge of Probate

The Regional Probate Office is now located in the Town of Plainfield at the Plainfield Town Hall.  Probate Judge Carolanne Rowe and her staff keep regular office hours at that location. 

The Regional Judge of Probate is elected to a four year term and executes duties as outlined in the Connecticut General Statutes.  The Probate Judge is endowed with many duties, some of which include legal adoptions, family estate matters and guardianships.  A Probate Judge may also perform weddings.

The Probate Court also derives its powers from the State Statutes and is an informal court which  affords an opportunity for citizens to resolve disputes and obtain additional information.  While the Probate Judge is not allowed to give legal advice, he may offer help in completing appropriate forms.

You may contact the Probate Office if you have questions on:  Conservatorships, Estates, Appointment of Executors for wills, Transfer of Ownership of Real Estate  (after the death of an owner), passports and name changes.