Important Dates

All taxes on the Grand List of October 1st of a given year are billed in July of the following year.
Motor Vehicles registered after October 1st will be billed in the January following the July collection.

Bills are mailed once a year. No additional mailings will be sent for installments.

Interest on late payments is 18% annual, calculated at 1 and 1/2% per month, or any fraction of a month from the due date.

ItemAmountPeriodDue Date
Motor VehicleAllDue in Full7/1

Real and Personal Property

Less than $100

Due in Full


Real and Personal Property

Over $100

Due Quarterly

7/1, 10/1, 1/1, & 4/1

Residential Sewer Use

AllDue in Two Payments7/1, 1/1

Metered Sewer Use


Due in Two Payments

9/1, 3/1

Sewer Assessments


Due in Full