Open Burning Permits

Permits are required for burning brush in the Town of Killingly. Burning brush is not permitted in the Borough of Danielson.

Open burning permit applications, which are issued under the jurisdiction of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, are issued for a fee of $5.00 through the Fire Marshal's office for the burning of brush only on residential property upon which the permittee resides for areas outside of the Borough of Danielson.

Permits are not required for contained campfires outside of the Borough. However, garbage, construction debris, and hazardous materials may not be burned. Should adjacent property owners complain that the campfire produces an excessive amount of smoke as to cause a nuisance or health hazard, the Fire Marshal shall require that the campfire be banked down or extinguished.

Campfires within the Borough of Danielson must be approved by the Fire Chief.

Click here to view the CT DEEP Open Burning Regulations.