Revenue Collector


Town Hall Coronavirus adjusted hours are Monday  to Thursday 9am to 3pm 9 to 10:30 reserved for the elderly and most vulnerable Friday 9am to 11am first hour reserved for elderly and most vulnerable.  Staff is availabe to answer your questions by email or telephone from 8am to 5pm.  Payments will be received by mail at Town of Killingly 172 Main St Killingly, CT 06239, by telephone 855-985-1106 or online at our website or in our drop box, rear of the building, near the handicap entrance. Online and telephone pay fees apply credit or debit card 2.95%.  EFT charge 95 cents.

On April 14, 2020 the Killingly Town Council adopted a resolution granting a three month extension for eligible taxpayers. For these taxpayers the April 1, 2020 installment becomes delinquent after July 1, 2020 instead of May 1, 2020 as stated on your tax bill.

“Eligible” taxpayers, businesses, nonprofits, and residents are those that “attest to or document significant economic impact by COVID-19, and / or those that document they are providing relief to those significantly affected by COVID- 19.”  The affidavit provided by the State of Connecticut Office of Policy Management reads as follows;

Resident:             My household has suffered a reduction in income of at least 20% due to COVID-19.Since April 1, 2020, I either (1) have been furloughed without pay; (2) had my hours significantly reduced; or (3) unemployed. This has resulted in at least a 20% reduction in my household income.Proof of Residency is attached (i.e. a copy of driver’s license, utility bill, or other proof of residency)

Business / Non-Profit:   Revenue is expected to decrease at least 30% in the April to June 2020 period versus the April to June 2019 period at this property. Proof of Ownership is attached (i.e. copy of my business license, utility bill, Secretary of State listing, or other proof of ownership)

Click here to obtain the form. 

We can verify residency through tax records  if you are unable to provided proof.   

Please keep in mind if your April installment is paid after July 1, 2020 it will be subject to interest at the rate of 18% per annum, 1 ½% per month or any fraction of a month, from the due date. A minimum of $2.00 interest will be charged for each delinquent installment.

If we do not have an approved application on file by May 1,2020 your account will show as delinquent with accumulated interest.

The DROP BOX located near the handicap ramp can be used at any time, for any Town Hall department. 

Pay by Text customers can make payments anytime, anywhere on any cell phone! Plus, customers receive text alerts when their bill is ready. To learn more, click here or to learn how to register click here

You can view or print your bills online by clicking PAY BILLS on the home page at


As of November 16, 2015, the Department of Motor Vehicles will no longer accept paper tax releases or a stamp the back of your registration from town tax collectors. It may take 24 to 48 hours for your release to update at DMV so please plan accordingly.   First check whether you have any compliance issues at   Once cleared, you can renew online without needing to visit a DMV office.  

Department Responsibilities

Killingly refers to their Tax Collector as the Revenue Collector because the office is responsible for the billing and collection of sewer assessments, sewer use charges, commercial and residential landfill permits, as well as all taxes.

Generally, questions concerning assessed value, adjustments, exemptions or credits, tax relief programs, and improper motor vehicle tax billings should be directed to the Assessor’s Office by phone at (860) 779-5324, or by fax at (860) 779-5338.

Questions about billing, tax balances due, amounts paid, delinquent taxes, and interest charged should be directed to the Revenue Collector's Office.

Effective August 1, 2013, if you reside in the Borough of Danielson, your Borough Tax Bill has been combined with your Town Tax Bill. Please change your online bill payments to reflect our 172 Main Street, Killingly, CT 06239 address.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Patricia Monahan Revenue Collector (860) 779-5327
Linda Newcomb Assistant Revenue Collector (860) 779-5331
Cheryl Bryer Revenue Accounts Manager (860) 779-5328
Katie Jarrett Revenue Clerk (860) 779-5329