Schedule of Required Inspections

New Construction or Additions

  1. Footing inspection – when forms are in place.
  2. Footing drains.
  3. Foundation and coating – before backfilling.
  4. Mechanical and framing inspections must be made before work is covered:
    1. Rough framing.
    2. Rough electrical.
    3. Rough plumbing.
  5. Insulation inspection.
  6. Final inspection and Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained before building is occupied.


  1. See 4 and 5 above.


  1. Footings, grounding, electric/trench, fence, and alarms at final inspection.


  1. Footings.
  2. Framing.
  3. Electrical (if needed).
  4. Final Inspection.


All inspections will be marked with a sticker. RED STICKER – STOP, don’t build, call for re-inspection. YELLOW STICKER – GO AHEAD, construction, work is approved. This sticker will be in a conspicuous location. Any rough mechanical or framing work covered without approval and signature of Building Official will be uncovered for inspection as per Section 111, State of Connecticut Basic Building Code.

Before foundations are backfilled, the complete area must be policed. Foundation coating pails, wood, etc. must be removed from the premises.